About Us

Sewing Equipment Unlimited is a Veteran Owned sewing equipment dealer that got started as a necessity born out of the needs from a different business venture in the cut/sew industry. In our quest for innovation in productivity we were often misguided by other dealers who simply put profit before our needs, often recommending us to buy the machines and equipment that were often not ideal for our specific needs. We had to figure out and learn a lot of things on our own in the cut/sew industry and we thought, why not share that knowledge with others and start our own sewing equipment business.

We have made a wide variety of connections in the sewing industry over time, which allows you to tap into our resources to get you into the best equipment for your specific needs. From sewing machines, to attachments, automation machines to cnc sewing machines; we can help get your business where it needs to be.

We are the largest Jack Sewing Machine dealer in the USA and use these machines extensively in our own manufacturing business, so we can attest the the reliability of these machines. Of course we work with a wide variety of equipment manufactures and can get you into the machine YOU need.


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